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Uttarakhand jewelry

Traditional jewelry of Uttarakhand- The Charm of Pahari girls
the beautiful Pahari ladies of Uttarakhand ar keen on sporting jewelry specially crafted in silver or gold, adding grace and muliebrity to their temperament. If you have got ever visited the hills, you need to have seen Pahari women donning ancient jewelry items like Bulaq (gold or silver nose ring), Kundal (gold or silver earrings), Paunje (silver anklets), etc. The extravagant gold necklaces like Hansuli, Chandan Haar, and Galobandh also are worn with nice pride. however, with time, these jewelry items are losing their identity as Pahadi girls have gotten additional inclined towards the modern fashionable styles and also the ancient jewelry items became a rare sight. Now, most of the Pahadi girls may be seen adorning the fashionable jewelry styles that ar deluxe and precious however lack the magnificence found within the ancient styles. thus let’s revive the standard Pahari jewelry by showcasing its luster to the globe.

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